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Terminator M870 Elastic Band Repeating Toy Shotgun, 3D Wooden Model Kit 
• Assemble your own, fascinating, ingenious, working model. It is an art form in which you can appreciate the magic of mechanical action and a hobby and STEM Toy educational item which helps to enhance the development of senses, problem-solving skills, enhance creativity, hand-eye coordination and improve concentration along with many other benefits.
•In these safety conscious electronic times, most of the mechanisms we depend on are well hidden, so we never get to see how things work. By assembling the parts of this kit you will begin to understand some of the building blocks of our mechanical world. 
•It's also a lot of fun.
•This kit is classed as ⚙ ⚙ ⚙ a Confident skill level so some experience of assembling similar easier models may be beneficial.
•Feel free to paint or decorate it however you like. (supplied unpainted)
•The 172 laser-cut precision, pre-cut parts are made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly, smooth wooden plywood. 
•No battery or glue needed, (some wax is required for the moving parts, candles work well). 
•The clear English instructions with illustrations provide you with a good building experience.
•Please see the Video.
•The finished built dimensions are approximately: 433mm x 60mm x 92mm - 17" x 2.3" x 3.6"
•Laser-cut wooden sheets, easy to follow instructions, in general, no tools or glue required.
*⚠ WARNING ⚠*, small parts. Not for children under 3 years, without supervision. 
•Recommended for ages 14+ but younger children can be involved with adult help.
•Brand New and sealed it will make a great gift, for anyone with an interest, or appreciation of practical activities or in need of a challenging, quality pass time that will produce a working model, that's a lot of fun.
Dodge the attack!

Justice Guard is a more interactive series for people to enjoy. Terminator M870 is designed in a shotgun shape, with real-action release and safer rubber band bullets. Its easy-to-assemble structure makes it a perfect choice for your playtime.

•Slide-able fore-end and real-action trigger simulation of a shotgun firing
•100 rubber bands as bullets, 5 shots a round, 2 bullets a shot. 
•The effective range is around 5m.
•Stylish shotgun model, you can assemble and fire. Shoots elastic bands to ensure you minimize risk and get maximum fun from the shooting game! 
•Includes wooden soldier targets.

*⚠Please do not shoot at anything living⚠*.


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Shotgun Rubber-Band Gun Toy Terminator 3D Laser Cut Wooden Model Kit Repeating

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  • As with all mechanical wooden model kits, please ensure that you use wax on all moving parts, to ensure smooth operation.

    Candle wax works well.