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Create your own high-quality Working Pendulum Clock
3D Model No LK501

Based on a retro-style mechanical timepiece, LK501 features a precise pendulum mechanism. When fully wound up, it can keep working for 3~4 hours. Includes a gravity-swing pendulum with precise anchor escapement.

Highly detailed. 
Built dimensions are approximately 
346mm x 234mm x 117mm - 13.6" x 9.2" x4.6"
*Warning* small parts. Not for children under 3 years without supervision. 
For ages 14+

Pendulum Clock Wooden Model Kit 3D Lasercut Robotime Spring Drive Wind Up

SKU: 9421v#
  • As with all mechanical wooden model kits, please ensure that you use wax on all moving parts, to ensure smooth operation.

    Candle wax works well.