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A lovely striking brooch with rhinestones and enamel.

Historically and cross-culturally, ladybugs are believed to be talismans of luck. Some believe that, if a ladybug lands on you, you should count the number of spots to predict how many years of good luck you'll have. Many think the spots indicate the number of months until your greatest wish comes true.
  • Gold Coloured Metal
  • Enamel.
  • Rhinestones.
  • The size is approximately: 22mm high and 24mm wide - 0.8" x 0.9"
  • The ideal gift for any occasion, (except for possibly, the annual, aphid appreciation society awards ceremony) Birthdays, Anniversaries, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.
Not for children under 3 years without supervision. 
Recommended for ages 8+


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Ladybird Brooch Lapel Pin Quirky Garden Insect Red Enamel Rhinestones

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