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Genuine Wooden.City Buggy Car Working Wooden Model Kit 3D Laser-Cut Wooden Puzzle
This wooden model of the Buggy comes ready to assemble. All 137 pieces are pre-cut. No glue required.

The buggy has got an independent suspension, inertial mechanism and returnable wheels. Special rubberized wheels and amazing wings look natural like a flawless copy of real Buggy. This model combines perfect design and complicated functions.
A rubber-band engine transforms this 3D wooden puzzle into a working mechanical model, which moves.
Highly detailed and paintable, this 3D model is made of safe, plywood.
Assembled Size approximately: 151mm x 87mm x 59mm 
*Please note, wax or glue are not be included in the package. 
You can use any glue or candles to replace them.
The Wooden City kit is wonderfully designed, the parts are well-cut, but it may be challenging to assemble. Do not rush and force anything. Be patient and focus when you assembling this item. Ensure that wax is applied to all moving parts, to ensure smooth operation.
You can paint it if you like. A great project for a family.
*Warning*, small parts. Not for children under 3 years, without supervision.
Recommended for ages 14+

Buggy Car Model Kit, Rubber Band Toy, Wooden Genuine Wooden Ci

SKU: 15421#vEe
  • As with all mechanical wooden model kits, please ensure that you use wax on all moving parts, to ensure smooth operation.

    Candle wax works well.