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Mechanical Gear Working Clockwork Airship
LK702 is partly based on real-life airships and shows every detail of beautifully designed airship models. You can see through the wooden skeleton and watch how the mechanism inside works.
Approximately 4~5 hours’ highly satisfying building experience, this building kit will put your visual-spatial skill and patience to the test. But you should find yourself absorbed in the construction and get inspired.
Lightweight model made of natural plywood. Pre laser-cut wood sheets with well-fit parts. No battery or glue is needed, easy to assemble together. The clear illustrations provide you with a better building experience.
The side wheels turn and move the vehicle forward. Mechanical gears, with detailed design, stylish, 3D wooden puzzle.
This model kit is assembled with 349 pre-cut wooden pieces.
Robotime model No: LK702
Built dimensions approximately: 300mm x 215mm x 250mm - 11.8" x 8.4" x 9.8"
🎨 Feel free to paint or decorate, however, you like. (supplied unpainted)
I have acrylic paints available Here

Not for children under 3 yrs.
Recommended for ages 14+ younger children may be involved with adult help

🎁 All in all a great model which will make a really nice gift for any occasion, Birthday, Anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or just a quality pass time for a wet and windy weekday afternoon, etc 🎁


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Airship Vehicle Wooden Model Kit Working Spring-Driven Laser Cut Steam Punk

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    • Check all parts carefully. Read the instructions and look at all the diagrams. Get a clear idea of how the parts fit together before you start.
    • Do not glue anything until you are sure you understand how things are assembled. Remember once something is glued together you cannot go back.
    • Some parts need sanding for a comfortable fit. Put parts together without glue to ensure they fit.
    • Use a wax candle to wax all surfaces that are in contact as they move. Apply by rubbing on the wood then buff up to a high polish using sandpaper. This will prevent squeaks and allow freer movement of the model.
    • Do not put wax on a surface that is going to be glued as the glue will not stick to a waxed surface.