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Who is Robotime?
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ROBOTIME was founded in 2007 and has designed and manufactured over 400 DIY items.

It owns many sub-brands, among which Rolife and ROKR are the most popular, featuring DIY miniature houses and 3D wooden puzzles. The company has developed and implemented, modern technology in the fields of DIY handicrafts manufacturing.

It is our purpose to encourage people to have a creative and healthy lifestyle. And that's why we are dedicated to providing unique, well-designed, and innovative products and sell them all over the world. 

I stock a range of Dolls House Miniature Kits, Mechanical Wooden Model Kits, and Stationary Wooden Model Kits.

There are solar-powered vehicles, dinosaurs that walk and roar, trains, music boxes, marble machines, and a large range of stationary models in various themes. 

All Robotime items are cleverly designed, well constructed, and are supplied with English instructions.

Please have a look at my current range.